Friday, April 8, 2011

Patchouli Summer of Love

I'm delighted to be part of another wonderful perfume project, this time run by the delightful Monica Miller of "Perfume Pharmer"!

It is based around one of my favourite ingredients: Patchouli!
I've been dying to bring out a perfume I actually made many many years ago that is based around this beautiful ingredient, that for so many of us is the scented symbol of a time when we all began to dream of new possibilities, a world without hate, of spiritual connections, conciousness and above all, Dreaming of Freedom!

The project is one of the first of it's kind, in that it is a "BLIND TEST"! The perfumes will be submitted in incognito identical bottles to the judges, so they have no idea who made which perfume!
Which makes it all far more exciting I think.....
Being judged on the scent alone, not ones reputation....

The panel of judges is also different being made up of a combination of perfume critics and celebrity judges, which allows the perfumes to be evaluated by a wonderfully diverse range of people, giving us a much wider impression of how the scent really comes accross....

I'm so excited!

I'll be blogging more about Patchouli both here and on Monica's wonderful blog in the coming weeks, so keep reading!


  1. This time you've got me wondering what the real deal Patchouli scent actually smells like. I'll have to make a visit to a local herbalist who I feel will almost certainly carry the "real deal" oil and ask for a smell test.

    Patchouli is something I swore off ever trying again but that was back in my youth. I did not know then that I had probably smelling artificially made (synthetic) patchouli scents either as oils or as a perfumes or as incenses.

    You've got me well and truly interested now to get some more experience and knowledge under my belt about this scent so my thanks to you again for making it so :)

    Hoping your Patchouli perfume in waiting gets to be the Patchouli bell of the ball!

  2. Serendipity :)

    I had not much luck tracking down a quality oil locally to do the smell test but that's no longer a problem. Seems all I had to do was do nothing! Just wait a little bit for the experience to come to me! It's incense related the following but I love incense so this has turned out to be a real win win situation for me :)

  3. glad you found it! patchouli is such a beautiful thing...if you get hold of a nice well aged version.....
    I'll be posting a link to the patchouli perfume I am entering into the competition as soon as it is all up and running!