Bespoke/Custom Perfume Design

Ever dreamt of having a perfume that was your very own?
Something unique that no one else can ever buy?

In a world full of mass produced fragrances, more and more people are looking for something different, that is purely their own. And bespoke perfumery is becoming the new "in" thing in the scent world.
A custom designed perfume makes a wonderful gift for a special event too, such as a birthday, or a wedding! (We can also put together a complete wedding packet, including perfume, massage oil and little keepsake bottles for bridesmaids and guests! And we can even design a complimenting vapourizer blend to use at the reception too!)

The process of custom designing a Scent is a complex challenge....and one of my favourite things to do in the whole world! I think my approach is a bit different to that of many other perfumers, because I combine a number of different arts and disciplines...
I use a combination on traditional French Perfumery techniques and Aromatherapy, which gives you a unique creation that not only smells wonderful, but makes you feel good too!

First and foremost of course, you want to create a perfume that the person who has commissioned it will love. So you look for scent notes that the person likes. But beyond that, to create the "perfect" scent, I want to know more about the person I am creating for, so I can match the ingredients I use to their personalities.
Being a visual artist as well, I tend to associate different scents with different colours, so I often look at the persons favourite colours and the clothes they wear for inspiration too. My whole workshop is actually colour coded, and it never ceases to fascinate me how accurately you can translate one sense to the other....Music, food preferences, whether a person prefers the forest, quiet meadows or the bustle of busy cities, all of these things for me form a pattern that is the unique fingerprint of a person...and it is this unique pattern that I look for when I'm creating a perfume for them....And once I have a feeling for this pattern,I can then work with the client to find which aspects of the pattern they want to accentuate, which parts of themselves they would like to strengthen, maybe hidden sides they would like to bring out into the open....
Or maybe they want a complimentary note, something wild to inspire them...or something soothing and calming to help them to relax....
So the secret is to marry what the person wants to be surrounded by, to who they are.....

How it works:

To start off with, I send out a detailed questionnaire along with a sample pack of my commercial perfumes.
The 5 page questionnaire covers everything from your favourite scents (both commercial and things like coffee, fresh grass etc), what kind of effect you'd like your perfume to have from an Aromatherapy point of view, and of course your likes and dislikes from amongst my ready made perfume samples.
this gives me a really good idea of what kind of perfume you want, and I can then create 3 different samples for you to try, and send them to you to wear for a week or so...
Then if need be, I'll modify the sample you liked most, and then set about making up a full bottle of your perfume and letting it mature for a few weeks before posting it out to you!
(click here to read about Helen's experience of what it's like!)
You can then re-order your special scent whenever you want. It's yours and yours alone, and will never be made for anyone else!

What it costs:

$650 (Australian Dollars)
this inlcudes:
- the complete design process
-a full sample pack of my commercial perfumes
-in house consultation, or via corresponcense (incl. a detailed questionnaire)
-3 sample variations of  the specially designed perfume
-a full 70ml bottle of your own personal bespoke eau de parfum in our signature globe shaped atomizer (or for overseas customers, 15ml perfume oil) in one of our velvet logo bags.

You can also choose a name for the perfume, and if it's a gift, include a customized name tag with a special photo or painting!
You can then re-order your perfume, in small or large bottles, any time, for the rest of your life! We'll never make the perfume for anyone else but you!

Wedding packages come in different sizes and combinations, depending on your needs, so email us and we'll see what we can come up with for your special day! (Brides perfume, bridesmaids/guests mini keepsake bottles, vaprisor blends, wedding night bath & massage oil...)

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