Thursday, May 20, 2010

The rewards of Perfuming

Sometimes the rewards of perfuming can be other interesting and inspiring things....I've swapped samples for books, for samples of other perfumes and any number of things over the years...and a little while ago, I sent some samples of "Sense of Honour" to Johanna in New Zealand, a lady who had been reading my blog....and in the return mail, look what arrived back! She actually spun it herself, I'm so impressed! This colurs in this skein of wool were actually chosen to coordinate with my blog colours! The photo doesn't actually do it justice, it's a beautiful every changing blend of colours with lovely sparkly threads twinkling in and out...Johanna, if you are planning on selling your lovely spinning wares, do put your contact details in a message here!

It's such a lovely gesture though....makes me really feel appreciated!

My motto for the day: "Nothing says "I love your perfumes" Like beautiful wool!"

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  1. Completely blushing Ambrosia - you're too kind!!!! Well, I'm glad you like it anyhow! The perfumes are beautiful.

    I only started spinning last year but I was vaguely thinking of putting up a modest shop for bits and pieces. (I don't knit or crochet, so I can't really use my own yarn!!)

    In the meantime I've joined in a global giveaway event on one of my blogs (closes tomorrow I think - although I'm a bit confused about time zones.)

    Thanks again - it was a great swap!!