Thursday, March 26, 2015

Perfume for "Chikii"

The lovely Annete, owner of "Chikii", an awesome Australian webshop that
specializes in  natural cosmetics has asked me to create a perfume for her business!
When I asked her what she wanted the perfume to smell like, she said "I want something beautiful, calm....that gives you the feeling of space and makes you feel safe. Women work so hard and are under so much pressure, I want to give them something to heal them and make them feel that kind of lovely meditative space they need in their lives. Something protective...."

We sat down with a whole bunch of ingredient bottles in my workshop...and the ones she picked to base it around were:

Neroli, Red Raspberry and Labdanum

Perfect for a calm zen and very sophisticated perfume!
Floral in a very cool calm way, with a nice herby earthy touch from the Red Raspberry plant...and Labdanum adds a smooth vanilla sophistication to the base...yummy indeed!
Such an exciting project, I'm really enjoying this! Ive made
up a few different version which can either take it in a more floral or more chypre direction...and the little bottles are now waiting for the next round of test sniffing!
Custom designed perfume for todays woman....what an awesome thing to work on!

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